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Aquarella Daily Color Lens Family

Solotica Aquarella 02 Small.jpg
Aquarella - Cyan Blue_.jpg
Aquarella - Golden Ocre_.jpg

Cyan Blue

Golden ocre

Aquarella - Sea Green.jpg
Aquarella - Sepia Gray_.jpg

Sea Green

Sepia Gray

Aquarella - Sienna Brown_.jpg

Sienna Brown

The images above are only to give an idea about the colors.

Since contact lens colors can vary according to the users' own iris colors, the above colors should not be expected to be exactly the same for each user.


Solotica's daily series Aquarella is especially ideal for people who are accustomed to disposable use.,

In addition, because Aquarella comes with 5 pairs of lenses in a box, it is also preferred by those who want to try the colored lens for the first time and those who want to use it at special times.

Elegance Aquafresh and Elegance Natura solutions are strongly advised for maintenance of your Solotica lenses to have long-term wearing comfort and high protection of perfect bright colors of your precious Solotica lenses.

Material: Hioxifilcon A

Water Content: 58%

Diopter Range: Plano only

Base Curve: 8.7

Diameter: 14.2mm

It is changed daily.

It is sold in 10 blisters in a box.

Box Aquarella.png
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