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Solotica in Turkey

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The World's Most Famous Color Lens Brand

Colors from Brazil that Conquered the World

Solotica, which has the most natural and lively colors, is one of the most famous color lens brands in the world.


Founded in 1949 and being the largest contact lens manufacturer in Brazil, Solotica offers contact lenses produced with superior technology with high quality and wide color range.

Solotica contact lenses are renowned for having colors that can combine in harmony with the individual's original eye color.


For this reason, Solotica is the first choice of users who want to create both a natural and striking effect on their eyes, with different color options with and without moiré.

Solotica Products are
Selling in Optical Stores Only!

Online Sale of Contact Lenses on the Internet
Is Illegal

Retail sales of contact lenses authority in Turkey, entered into force on 26 June 5193 No. 2004 "Law on Optician" is given to only within the framework of optical stores.


Contact lenses cannot be sold in any other medium other than the optical store.


In accordance with this law, contact lenses cannot be sold online. Because these sites other than optical stores are not audited by the Ministry of Health.

Contact lenses purchased online may be counterfeit, leakage, expired, and cause permanent damage to users' eyes.


In order to protect eye health, end users must first consult an ophthalmologist and obtain a prescription for lens use, and then purchase their lenses only from optical stores.


According to this law, Solotica products are not sold on the internet, they are only obtained from optical stores.

Solotica Turkey Distributor
Opak Lens

The Most Widely Networked Optical Distributor

Opak Lens serving 94% of the total 7400 opticianry institutions in Turkey to make same-day delivery to 75% of these companies and has the ability to speed delivery within 15 minutes of one in 2052.

Opak Lens, Turkey's 33 in 47 stores located in the province of large amounts of stock-keeping and by serving with a strong external field team and distribution operations which is specially designed for and has a quick order fulfillment capacity with constantly updated technological infrastructure.

Opak Lens provides fast service to local independent optician companies, making them faster to serve from illegal websites.

Opak Lens having Turkey's most extensive product distribution network optical lenses, optical glass, and serves on the contact lens.


It also distributes its own brand of optical glasses and produces multifocal glass at its Akay Optik factories in Izmir and Antalya. Glass products of Opak Lens are produced and distributed in various brands under the name of Opakay.


Opak Lens, Bausch & Lomb located in Turkey, Johnson & Johnson, Cihan Medical, is the largest wholesaler of AWM and Zeiss contact lenses such as contact lenses and contact lens solution suppliers.


Opak Lens is also Solotica distributor in Turkey.

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